Foresight Group growth capital investment into Cinelabs

Foresight Group growth capital investment into Cinelabs 2018-03-23T12:06:12+00:00

Project Description

Investment size: £2.25m

Detail: Rafalie advised Foresight on their investment into Cinelabs, the UK’s leading film processing laboratory. Responsible for the processing of most high profiles movies shot to film (Harry Potter, Jurassic World, to name just a few), Cinelabs has grown to prominence through a combination of niche expertise and strong management.

Rafalie’s role was to interrogate the business plan and financial status of the company, and use these findings to help structure the transaction with Foresight.

“Rafalie’s hands on style was crucial to the success of this transaction. It facilitated quick dealing with relevant issues and enabled us to obtain a strong understanding of the target in order to simplify the deal structuring negotiations.”

Chris Wardle, Foresight Group