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Typically, our clients are valued between £2million and £40million. However, the most important criteria for our clients is that they are agile and successful entrepreneurs operating growth businesses in scalable markets.

We advise entrepreneurs on three key corporate transactions:

We advise clients from the very beginning of the process. If you are running a successful business, you will no doubt have ideas as to who might acquire you. We take these ideas and overlay our own thoughts, market experience and dedicated M&A deal databases to create a list of truly strategic acquirers who have genuine motive to purchase your business. This process drives maximum value for our shareholder clients on sale.

We invest in the best M&A databases on the market, so that we can obtain proprietary deal and strategic planning intel from the most active buyers globally. Combined with our experience of advising entrepreneurial business owners, we ensure you get the best possible buyer list without risking confidentiality in the process.

As a firm with expertise in advising buyers, we are also acutely aware of what drives the negotiations on the other side of the table. We use this expertise to ensure our ‘selling’ clients are as prepared as possible for the process and to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently every time.

We do not use junior personnel in the process. All sales mandates are run and managed at partner-level, ensuring our clients get senior level service at every stage of the process.

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If you are looking to acquire a company, whether as a corporate, individual or management team, we are here to help. We provide a suite of services across the entire transaction, from negotiating deal and structure, carrying out the due diligence and accessing funding for the transaction.

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There is an increasing requirement for UK SMEs to obtain access to growth capital to enable them to capitalise on the market opportunities available. We have trusted relationships in all key funding areas, including traditional debt channels, private equity and mezzanine debt providers. Whether you want to raise funds for growth or to finance a potential M&A transaction, we are here to advise you on the optimal way to do so.

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“Rafalie used their market intelligence to identify all the potential buyers and manage the process through to a successful conclusion. We were very impressed with their knowledge of the insurance sector and their ability to extract value at all stages of the process. We would definitely recommend them to other business owners.”
David Turschwell, CEO of Title and Covenant

“Darren analysed our financial data and market position in detail and used this information to negotiate us a premium valuation in line with our expectations. We were very impressed with his ability to negotiate a commercial position on all of the key issues that arose through the process and would happily recommend them to other business owners looking to exit.”

Sandy Dunn, Executive Chairman and Shareholder
“Having identified a buyer with motive to acquire our operation, Rafalie showed skill in negotiating the right transaction for us. They were there for us every step of the way. A very professional and personal service.”
Tony Shrier, Shareholder
“Rafalie’s deal experience made them quick to spot key issues, which meant that they could be dealt with promptly. This kept the transaction timetable on track and meant we, as the buyer, were able to focus on key operational and growth initiatives, knowing that the financial aspects were being taken care of.”
Chris Wardle, Foresight Group
“Rafalie’s hands on style was crucial to the success of this transaction. It facilitated quick dealing with relevant issues and enabled us to obtain a strong understanding of the target in order to simplify the deal structuring negotiations.”
Chris Wardle, Foresight Group
“Darren identified a strategic buyer who would not only benefit from our skills and expertise, but also provide us with an international Network to grow from. The deal has been a major success and Darren’s contribution was invaluable throughout.”
Linda McKenzie, Shareholder
“Rafalie were a key advisor to us for this transaction. They worked tirelessly to deliver serious value for our quoted company shareholders and ensured that the transaction ran smoothly at all times.”
David Ciclitira, CEO of Live Company Group Plc
“Darren took a commercial approach to securing us a deal that met our requirements on all fronts. We were very impressed with his approach and the personal nature of his service.”
Mitchell Feldman, CEO and Shareholder of Cloudamour
“Rafalie showed significantly commercial acumen and industry knowledge to secure me the valuation I believed the shares to be worth. They were a pleasure to deal with.”
To remain anonymous, Shareholder
“Rafalie’s involvement has enabled us to think about our market positioning and adding capital value to the business over the longer term. This should be the objective of every business owner.”
Marcus Foley, Shareholder